The Next Generation of Skincare

What’s The Problem With Conventional Skincare?

Skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Today’s skincare industry is hyper-focused on selling consumers multiple products until you find a solution that works for you. But what happens to all the products that aren’t a good fit? They end up piling up on your bathroom’s shelf and then in our landfills. It costs you the money you didn’t have to spend on the products that eventually will pollute the environment.

We get it. Finding the right skincare products isn’t always easy, so we’re simplifying it. We formulate personalized products that work with your unique skin type. And we reuse the packaging.

How It Works:

Advanced Skincare Backed by Science

Identical skin types don’t exist. While we know specific ingredients can help nourish the skin, how do you know how much of a particular ingredient will work best for you? That’s where we come in.

SKINLAV uses groundbreaking technology to address your specific skin concerns. Using the SKINLAV Digital Diagnosis Tool, we’re able to measure 12 different skin parameters like moisture levels, pores, oil, fine lines, and more to create personalized formulas.

Our Ingredients

Skin-Friendly Solutions

We formulate custom skincare with active ingredients, including Fresh Peptides, Prebiotics, and Vitamins E, A, & C – according to what your skin needs. Biochemist Natalia Gerogiou, SKINLAV Founder, curates each ingredient.

Our Purpose

Track Your Progress

Our skincare needs are constantly evolving due to the weather, hormonal changes, and age.

Skip multiple steps in your skincare routine. Every few months, we review your skin to ensure the formula is working for your current skincare needs. We’ll adjust it to optimize your product if needed.


Created by bio chemist and a licensed
european safety assesor.

Natalia Georgiou is a scientist, biologist and has gone from the project manager for the leading cosmetic companies to the head of the research and development department at Neoderma Laboratories in Cyprus. 

She received her special education in Belgium.

As the founder of the SKINLAV brand, Natalia Georgiou is known as an expert on the safety of cosmetics in the EU, a member of the European Association of Toxicologists CCE (Cosmetics Consultants Europe) and a developer of innovative SKINLAV cosmeceutical products that help take care of the health and beauty of the skin.

Natalia Georgiou

Founder and CEO