Learn more about SKINLAV products

SKINLAV is based on DERMA MEMBRANE STRUCTURE (DMS) or LAMELLAR STRUCTURE (LS) creams that work to repair the Stratum Corneum , strengthen the skin barrier and also support its function.

LAMELLAR STRUCTURED EMULSION  is similar to structure of the biological cellular membrane. The emulsion-cream, as a “patch” that restores the continuity of the epidermis where necessary, its particles are organically incorporated into the lipid layer, healing the damage and restoring its structure. This is a guarantee of the transdermal effect (high penetration results) as active ingredients have better moisturizing properties compared to traditional emulsions.

The presence and stability of lamellas in our products are experimentally proved and approved by scientific laboratory in Japan.

One of the main advantages of this cosmetics is the concentration of active ingredients which is from 15% and above giving spectacular results.

Development and creation of individual cosmetics products stands on the border of pharmacology and cosmetology.

The main differentiation of SKINLAV formulations is the use of many different peptides, COextracts, stem cells, polysaccharides to create  innovative and efficient  cosmetics. The biggest advantage of SKINLAV products, a part from its quality, is that every person has the ability to enjoy fresh and tailor-made cosmetics. For instance, peptides are proven to remain active for a short time and gradually loosen its effectiveness after a period of time. We use that to make our products more effective than any traditional products in the market.

 The pH of skin care products is an important factor that affects the skin. The natural skin’s pH varies between 4 and 6.  SKINLAV products are made according to the skin’s pH of each client.