Individual Cosmetics

Skin diagnosis is the first and most essential step in order to produce Individual cosmetics. A multidimensional skin examination takes place in order to analyse skin factors such as  skin’s moisture  level, sebum production, skin’s elasticity, number and size of pores,  wrinkle depth.

The natural skin’s pH lavel varies between 4 and 6 and this is why SKINLAV products are made according to each client’s specific pH. The pH of skin care products is an important factor that affects the skin. If skin pH is unbalanced, our main goal is to correct it with the suitable formulations. In this way we always achieve a radiant, healthy and protected skin.

Every individual SKINLAV care product we produce within 8 working days.

All the active ingredients in our products including peptides remain much more effective and work better, compared to any traditional skincare product which takes months to get to their consumers.

We will offer you to picture all the problematical spots to study them closer and  compare the results of those spots after the treatment (please keep in mind that all the pictures, names  and information are strictly confidential and we take good care of it).That way you can compare and contrast to see how effective the therapy was. You will also get a report of the SKINLAV study with the pictures before and after.