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The Next Generation of Skincare

Discover innovation and personalized care. Learn more about the story behind our exceptional skincare offerings.

Skincare isn’t universal. The industry pushes multiple products until you find what suits you, leading to unused products piling up and polluting the environment. We understand the struggle, so we simplify it by creating personalized products for your unique skin type and actively reusing packaging.

How are we different?

Individualized Approach

Individualized solutions to meet your unique skin care needs.


Products with advanced technology and innovative formulations.

High Efficiency

Guaranteed efficacy for noticeable results on the skin.

Environmental Care

Efforts to reduce environmental impact through packaging reuse.

How It Works?

Unique skin types require individualized care. SKINLAV, with its innovative technology like the Digital Diagnosis Tool, assesses 12 skin parameters, such as moisture, pores, oil, and fine lines, enabling us to formulate personalized solutions for your specific concerns.

What makes it effective?

Highly active ingredients

Compared with mass-market cosmetics, SKIN LAB contains 7-8 times more highly active ingredients. The main ingredients of SKINLAV: Peptides, Prebiotics, Polysaccharides, Liposomal formulations, Drones, Vitamins E, A, C.

The exclusive recipe from SKINLAV includes oil obtained from the seeds of the prickly pear cactus. This miraculous elixir restores skin elasticity and has a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

The lamellar base of the emulsions provides an extremely high degree of penetration of active substances into the deep layers of the skin.

The use of peptides allows us to achieve results that are comparable to the effect of plastic surgery. Directly acting on the cell, peptides rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the production of its own collagen. What is important, fresh peptides with high activity are added to your personal cream, and their content is supported by a certificate of conformity with the company’s seal.

The maximum effect is achieved with the help of liposomes, which deliver the active components “at the right address”, inside the cells, providing them with life-giving moisture and beneficial substances.

At the junction of science and beauty

Beyond cosmetics—a philosophy merging unique perspectives in crafting personal hygiene products with optimal results using advanced technologies.

SKINLAV, with its distinctive perspectives, stands, and beliefs, crafts personal care products using unique formulations. Our cosmetic products straddle the line between the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry, relying on cutting-edge technologies for optimal results.

From Cosmetics Project Manager to SKINLAV Innovator

Created by bio chemist and a licensed european safety assesor.

Natalia Georgiou is a scientist, biologist and has gone from the project manager for the leading cosmetic companies to the head of the research and development department at Neoderma Laboratories in Cyprus. 
She received her special education in Belgium.
As the founder of the SKINLAV brand, Natalia Georgiou is known as an expert on the safety of cosmetics in the EU, a member of the European Association of Toxicologists CCE (Cosmetics Consultants Europe) and a developer of innovative SKINLAV cosmeceutical products that help take care of the health and beauty of the skin.

Natalia Georgiou

Founder and CEO

Our Vision

Revolutionizing skin care through personalized solutions, enhancing natural beauty, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Our Purpose: Track Your Progress

Our skincare needs are constantly evolving due to the weather, hormonal changes, and age. Skip multiple steps in your skincare routine. Every few months, we review your skin to ensure the formula is working for your current skincare needs. We’ll adjust it to optimize your product if needed.